We are a small agency based in Shipley, Bradford, offering a wide range of website, design, management, finance and other services to organisations, charities, churches and individuals.

From website development to supporter relations, from accounting to design, from management to administration, we can offer single services or bespoke packages tailored to your needs and budget.

About Ben

Ben Clymo is a hard-working and creative professional with skills in a wide range of areas, including web design and development, publicity and publication design, communication and mailings, event planning, organisation and administration. He is passionate about the importance of good design in creating beauty, as well as aiding understanding and communicating with clarity.

A maths graduate from York University, Ben has worked in the charity sector for over 20 years, including nine years for the national Fresh Expressions charity where he developed their highly-respected website and handled all of their design work across promotional materials, leaflets and fliers, event publicity, books and DVDs. He has designed websites, digital and printed materials for a wide variety of organisations, business, churches and charities. He also has extensive experience in establishing and managing charities, in accounting and bookkeeping, and in administration and logistics.

Ben is positive, friendly and supportive. He has high standards, a good eye for detail and brings care and thoroughness to his work.

Why “Bromeliad”?

I told her we were going to get married, and all she could talk about was frogs. She said there’s these hills where it’s hot and rains all the time, and in the rainforests there are these very tall trees and right in the top branches of the trees there are these like great big flowers called… bromeliads, I think, and water gets into the flowers and makes little pools and there’s a type of frog that lays eggs in the pools and tadpoles hatch and grow into new frogs and these little frogs live their whole lives in the flowers right at the top of the trees and don’t even know about the ground, and once you know the world is full of things like that, your life is never the same.

Terry Pratchett, Wings